Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does Faith Church Realize How Lucky They Are To Have Brandon Bruce?

Seriously Though,
Does Faith Church Realize How Lucky They Are To Have Brandon Bruce?
No, this is not me trying to suck up.
No, this is not Brandon hacking into my account.
No, this is not because there is a problem in the church.
Just something that Needs to be said.
Too often we can forget to appreciate what we have.
Too often senior pastors can't make everyone happy and people can forget to focus on the 100 great things instead of the 1 bad thing.

Faith Church is growing
Brandon is a man of God with character.
Brandon has a heart for the lost and the church.
Brandon has continued to build excitement which has led to more and more people coming through the church doors.
Brandon is stretching people to take risks for the Lord and stay on the frontline of reaching this next generation.
Brandon tries to care for those under Him as a part of His team.
It also helps that he has such an awesome, godly, and supportive wife!
Thank you God for being in control and leading and sending Brandon here to Lansing, MI.


Rhett said...


Lynne Howard said...

AMEN! Faith Church is blessed to have Brandon Bruce!! AND Jen! AND Brent Dongell! All of you are a great blessing!

Amanda Mock said...

So very blessed! My life wouldn't be the same if it weren't for Brandon and Jen during high school! You are awesome too Brent!

B said...

Rhett, i call it support and encouragement :)