Friday, May 06, 2011

Unanswered Question #1: When to Do and When to Wait

There are some great debates or questions that are still somewhat unanswered in my head. I am going to reflect on a few of those over this month.

The picture below is not one of those for me. It should always be over from my opinion.
When to Do and When to Wait
Talk to them about Christ this moment or not?
Take the job or wait for something else?
Get involved with more responsibility or not?

There's that moment where you hit a wall or a moment of uncertainty and i wonder, "Is God telling me to take more action and push forward to succeed or is he telling me i'm trying too hard and i need to pull back and wait?"

As my second mom in New Zealand said, "This is a question i think we will have to wrestle with the rest of our lives."

I am welcome to any comments with insight from the scriptures or your opinion. My best answer although still subjective at times is prayerfully being Spirit led in situations.

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About Brandon said...

Haggai 1:7

Pray. Reflect/think/evaluate. Talk to mature believers who know you well. Pray more. Then quit sitting around thinking about and do something (or probably in your case: often say "no" since you are constantly have so many new ideas - ha!). There's my two cents on the great debate. : )