Thursday, June 10, 2004

A New Stage In Life- June 9

As the truck pulled out it was one of those moments where we all knew that the kids were grown up. Jen and Brandon were off to their job at New Life Wesleyan about 10 miles outside of Washington DC. Kelly will be going to Biola University in sweet home California to get her Master's Degree. She still plans to end up on the mission field when the time is right as well. I am heading out in two days to California for the summer with two more years at Indiana Wesleyan University to go. I know i will end up in the Ministry, and where that sends me... who knows!!! And last but not least, my mom and dad seem content here in Plymouth... I don't know how long they will stay, but Indiana just seems to have this way of suckng families in to the point of no return!

packing chaos

The Farewell

We will still see each other, but everybody will have jobs, be living in different places, and our main time together will probably be spent on holidays. Sad, Different, Exciting, & A new stage in life...

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Anonymous said...

Brent, you're right it is sad but exciting. I am excited for each one of you! I can't wait to see what God does through you guys. I am a proud MOM! I pray for you multiple times a day!