Monday, June 28, 2004

Surfing and Good Times!!!

Me catching a wave!!!
I have been surfing like mad this summer. I am actually making a chart to keep track of how many times i do things and once i figure it out i will post the chart and update it, but i honestly think i am up to surfing about 12 time in two and a half weeks. Oh and that picture really isn't me surfing, but you believed it right! You really do think i'm that good right! This is actually the Wind and Sea, a local surfing spot where you do not want to cut a guy off or make him mad because they are not friendly when it comes to waves... i still try and surf there anyways... you know spread the love! It is nice and sunny inland, but the June gloom still makes the coast cloudy with its marine layer as you can see in the pictures.

Wind and Sea

The Perfect Spot
Sunday afternoon i went down to La Jolla beach to surf with Trace and met up with a lot of old friends. Lance & Sarah Young, Travis Hobbs, David Bell, Michael Liebernecht, Joe & Amy, and just a few of the people i saw down at the beach! It was awesome to say hi, talk to them, and surf just like the old times!

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Anonymous said...

I believe that surfing picture was taken of my good friend, Brandon Bruce.
-Kelly Slater (6 time world surf champ)