Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Remembering China

My Trip to China was amazing. Thank you for your support and prayers!

This is in the Garden of Heaven. A beautiful place to paint or draw a picture of.

China team
Can you find my baby face... i can't be mean even if i try!

Dragon building
The architecture was amazing. They had so many different styles of buildings

Planting trees with students
This was the day that God was most evident on the trip. He had done amazing things up to this point but this day it was windy, cold, and rainy to the point of being unbearable. We would not have been able to meet up with the mayor, students, and newscast to plant the 220 pine trees if this continued. So we prayed. We postponed the project one day. The next day the weather was decent with no rain so we started the project. Literally right as we were planting the last trees, the rain started and the miserable weather continued. God definitely opened a divine window of time.

Me stuffing my face
This is a typical picture of me still eating while everyone else was done. I love food. I ate silkworm, seaweed soup, mutton(lamb), mutton intestine soup, sushi, and octopus all for the first time. quite interesting!

Esther and her new friend

jian zi
This is game is exactly like hacky sack. It's made up of circlular scraps of tin tied together with feathers. This was a huge way for the team to connect with locals. Not only were the guys good, but most of the women over 50 could take me at jian zi!

Our interpreters

The China Team and Mayor's team

Two teams were able to hold orphans and minister to them. Some of the orphans had horrible diseases others just had some kind of problem with their leg, but they were all considered "defective" in a sense. A sad story and yet so many beautiful faces and children that are loved by God

The Great Wall of China

We saw the Lord work through answered prayers, conversions, and plenty of other areas. It was an amazing time to grow and a great learning experience.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I've never seen one before, but it's totally great! Keep us posted on Cali- pictures of palm trees, please!
So what's this, you're out there, & your family's in IN? I guess that works. Can't complain about the beach, right!
China looks amazing! What an incredible trip!
Keep the photos and postings coming!!
Julie (From Hazel Green)

B said...

I loved reading about your china trip! I'm glad I got to see all those pictures. Now I can imagine where all your stories you shared took place!
We love and miss you!