Saturday, June 19, 2004

Talk about animals!

THis is a picture of Taneil and her boyfriend's puppy. He sits in the palm of my hand and is SO cute! Not in my trailer, but up the hill in Trace's mom's office, they also have 2 other dogs, 2 cats, and horses out back. One of the cats is a sphinx(a cat with no hair). It is probably on of the scariest things i have seen.
Sphinx catI will try and post a picture soon. I tried to go surfing today, but the waves were too small... quite sad. So we went and sat in a jacuzzi instead... quite good! Life is chill right now. I am running and trying to get in shape. After getting together with all of my high school friends and realizing we were fat, i decided to start running! haha.


Anonymous said...

hey brent this is shari, dayla's roommate at IWU, who knows if you'll remember me or not. anyway, can you steal that puppy for me and bring it back up to IWU in the fall??? pleeeeeeeeeeeease??? pretty pretty please?? i'll buy you food if you do! haha anyway, day showed me your page and i love it, it's great fun, keep up the good work, and bring me that puppy!!! until.


oh by the way i'm very very jealous of you and where you get to live. grr.

Soyna said...

Hey Brent! I'm SO jealous...CA looks amazing!!! It's really cool to read your thoughts and spiritual insights! Have a wonderful summer and keep in touch!

Brandon said...

Hey Brent,
Saw your blog up there and thought I would say Hi