Thursday, February 15, 2007

Exciting two weeks but less posts!

Feb 16-18 IGNITE- Wesleyan Youth Camp
Feb 19-23 Adventures Within Training
Feb 23 Fusion Youth Group
Feb 25 ShoreGrace Teen Service
Feb 26-Mar 1 Adventures Within Job
Mar 2 Fusion
Mar 4 ShoreGrace
Mar 5 Regular Work(whatever that is) & Regular Youth Program.... Yea!!!

Tomorrow Dan and I head off to youth camp with 7 teens from our church and 70 other teens around New Zealand of a wide variety of nationalities. The camp goes Friday through Sunday Feb 16-18. It is cool but ironic that all the teens i hung out with the first day i was here are the ones that will go with me to camp. I am playing the bass for the worship band and am in charge of a cabin. I am excited to see the Lord impact their lives!
Monday through Friday Feb 19-23 and Monday through Friday Feb 26-Mar 1 i will go to two camps with Adventures Within- (Click Here to See Website) as an assistant. If that works out i can co-lead different day trips to week long trip from Mon-Fri as time allows. I think this would be an awesome opportunity to become more confident in the outdoors. I have always wanted to implement this into my present and future ministry.

I believe all of my job opportunities so far have been provided and God and i am thankful. The biggest question is do i choose more temp jobs that will prepare me more for the future more but pay less and give me more free time but less consistency to plan or do i take a higher paying job more consistent job that gives me more opportunity to travel and know how to plan time with the teens, but less time and preparation for the future and for essentially the church. Does the inconsistency of random shifts and pay counteract more work hours but predictable schedule to plan? We'll see.

When i Get back i have really two options:
Hotel Poenamo- & Adventures Within
and working both jobs together. Taking a camp when it is available and serving the other time. Two jobs i would enjoy but be less consistent

work a 9-5 Mon-Fri job where i raise money for charities(Red Cross, Intellecutally Handicapped NZ, etc.) and have more money to save, travel, and give. Another job that would prepare me for communication and working one-on-one, but not be as enjoyable. And possible working with Adventures Within off and on.
I know, i know... right now you are thinking i am going to be THAT guy!!! But if i really believe in the charity and that it is making a difference, i do not think i will mind getting people involved or being bold.

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Rhett said...

Wow, what a cool blog you have!!!

Man, Ignite was a good time and you did a great job on the bass guitar. I hope we get another opportunity to play together before you go back to the States.

Well, I'll keep checking back here from time to time... I'm looking forward to your post on camp.