Wednesday, February 14, 2007

World of Travelers

I constantly meet people that are moving and life is one big transition... to be in transition almost seems normal! Here are the Stories of the people i meet:

-February 14, 2007 Arthur-
He came over from Florida to NZ and is now considering full time residency in Auckland where he might be one of my restaurant managers

-February 13 A British/Irish couple-
Couple in their late 20's came over as dentists and worked and played for a year, now are returning home.

-February 12, 2007-
A young couple in their lates 20's came thru the hotel with their 3 year old girl. The husband had moved to NZ from the UK awhile back and married a Kiwi Girl. They were going to live by his family in the UK for a year or sometime longer as they saw fit.

February 9 2007 Xi xi-
One of the receptionists i worked with came from China to NZ to learn English and go to college. She is now planning on staying

-December 28, 2006 Selena-
I met her on the flight coming over. She was from the states (i believe ohio) and came to coach cheer leading for a year. She was returning back to gain her residency in NZ to coach cheerleading and live after a short visit home.

-September 2006 Katie Siebert-
Moved from Minnesota to California to be a nurse and live somewhere different

-January 2007-January 2008 Amy Morris- is traveling the world after graduating from IWU and living in Indianapolis and then San Diego.

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