Thursday, February 08, 2007

God led jobs!

It's cool to see how God's plan unfolds sometimes. Life and figuring out details has been anything but fun so far, but piecing together what He is doing is straight ecstasy! I have been working part-time as a server at Paper Moon Cafe. Paper Moon is always crazy busy with business and has been a "figure it out yourself" job. It has been stretching and taught me a lot, but they haven't and probably won't give me the hours i need. So i have had two other job opportunities
1st Job: Paper Moon (prepared me over and beyond for Poenamu )
Job 1: Adventures Within (outdoor ministry)
Job 2: Poenamu Restaurant & Bar (serving, conversations, and working with non-Christians)

God definitely has brought two oppportunities before me that definitely fit my purpose and calling for me so far in NZ.

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