Friday, February 02, 2007

Life isn't always easy!

I just got these pictures from Dan. These are some of the best surf pictures i have ever had taken of me! They are awesome... So in the middle of me talking about the difficulties of work you get to enjoy cool pics!!! I realize that i always talk about the positives of life, but i hope you don't get the idea that my life is surreal. i deal with the same questions of priority, searching, and security. That is part of life. I just love to highlight the good God blesses with in hope that it might rub off. Hope you enjoy the sweet pics!
So i have worked at Paper Moon for like 2 weeks now. i feel like i am improving, but it is not easy!

As good as always thought i was at relating with people, i am finding it hard to relate to the party/drink/club scene that most of the people i meet and work enjoy. It is harder to enter the non-Christian's world than i thought!
I also find the workers getting frustrated with me still messing up as a newbie(i ask too many questions). I am having to learn how to multi-task which is not one of my giftings in life. I am still figuring out when you can play and talk at work, knowing that there is always more work to do at a restaurant. I am realizing like i have always known that i am NOT an entertainter. I am nice, outgoing, and fun, but being able to make someone laugh on the spot by just talking, ie. a standup comedian, is not my gifting. Sometimes i just wish i was an entertainer when you just want to break the tense setting.
I do love the job and experience though, the hours are not good enough so i am still searching for a more steady job while trying to work that out.
God is Awesome... he is so big
It is crazy to think that he takes into account every leaf that rustles in a tree, where every drop on that wave dropped, my every yearning, every thought, every animals movement, every life that comes and goes! God is pretty stinkin' amazing!!! it's nice to know a good, loving, and fair God like that is rooting for us as humans!
This is Naki from Hawaii that we met at the hot water beaches

This is the hedgehog we caught on the road!
This is me being stupid at a beach called Cathedral Cove that we had to hike to


Anonymous said...

Awesome surfing pictures!!!

- Jiffy

About Brandon said...

Those are the coolest surfing pictures I've ever seen bro!!

Remember who taught you to surf.