Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Random Rantings

Things that will never get old in New Zealand (in sequential order)
1. The landscape is always green and beautiful
2. Overlooking the city in the day but especially nights.
3. Time by the water, beach, or bay
4. Hiking Through Bush with no worries of anything poisonous that can kill you.
5. Surfing
6. NZ’s tomato sauce
7. Eating- especially chocolate
8. Working out- sometimes excruciating but always generates more energy!
9. Being able to watch rugby and cricket and actually know what is happening

Somethings you just learn later in Life... no Reason to be embarrassed.
1. Automatic Windows- I always thought that if i pushed the window button down hard/long enough the window would automatically scroll up and that if i didn't press it right that was the reason why. Turns out that Dan showed me that if you only push the scroll down button partially on a window it doesn't go automatically but if you do push it all the way up or down it does. Who would've known.
2. Merge Signs- I always thought the signs above were so stupid because the two black lines never completely merged. (I thought each black line was a road) In the last few years i had the revelation that the black lines were actually the sides of the road that is between them.. huh, Go figure, it makes sense now

Things My Body is Not Made For

Mountain Biking- is not my gifting in life! I went biking Tuesday for the first time and my body is sore today. it hurts to sit down for multiple reasons! There is just something not appealing to me about riding on a piece of metal that you could fall on, could fall on you, could flip you over, or could get you entangled in it all in a matter of milliseconds!
RockClimbing- we also we on Tuesday and i forgot how frustrating this sport was to me. I like the challenge at times, but i too often walk away feeling defeated, like yesterday when i felt way sore and out of shape! It's all good though!

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sara jean said...

Hey, I like the new look of the blog and it's always fun to learn new things, isn't it?