Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Discovering Your Life Purpose

I ran across this blog How to Discover Your Life Purpose in 20 Minutes and i found it very interesting. Basically, the idea is sit down with a piece of paper with "What is my True purpose in life" written at the top and just write whatever comes to your mind until some statement makes you cry and that is your life purpose. Here is some of my thoughts from that below.

Right here to the left of the pier there will be 20 or so surfers and boogie boarders on Wednesday as sporadic 1-3ft white capped waves fill the water. You can count on probably seeing me there!

Purpose thoughts:

What i feel are the most common 3:
80. To get married and be successful and have fun- this is what i feel i am measured by. It seems that this defines you on the surface and that is as far as it goes in most relationships unless you get close. The Three purposes in life!!! ha. So i am getting a 33% on the scale of life. i have got the fun/adventure thing down haha. Almost like the Wild at heart idea: Every man has a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

The Purposes that were closest to making me cry:
23. to be able to profess my God and faith with full confidence
69. to want to have something i want so bad that i hurt for it if i don't receive it.
71. to want something so bad that i can dedicate my life to it and not be ashamed or second guess myself. I can 2nd guess myself even it it is the right way and the only way i am going to not be ashamed is if my confidence rests outside of the people around me so i guess just that first part again.
127. To enjoy, share, and work through life together while becoming part of something greater than ourselves

I thought it was an interesting idea!
I am on a constant search for truth and God and to know where i fit in. Sometimes i wonder if people wonder why i don't use more scripture on my blog. It is usually because this is more a journal and i believe that i proclaim truths i know in the Bible to be true often just through parallels of how the world works.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, I love Grand Haven. My heart is actually very sad that Kris and I will not be going to Michigan this year for vacation. :(

I am glad that you can be in such a beautiful place, Brent.