Monday, October 29, 2007

Thoughts on Success

Had an all-nighter with the jr. highers Friday night, played worship on Sunday morning, and carved pumpkins tonight. It has been a full weekend.!
This isn't completely thought out, but i sat down one night and thought through what i wanted and it came out as follows.

What do i want?
-To Be Debt free
-To Get back to New Zealand
-To do a quality joba at SpringLake Wesleyan but not over quantity
-To be Learning and Finish Master's
-To Perform Present Ministry- write book, iwu sermon, blog
-To Find a girl at some point

What are the next steps in getting there:
-Become responsible for life payments: 80-10-10 model
-Prioritize NZ- call churches, send letters, call people
-Get on Top of Finances: car/insurance/cell/loans/insurance
-Say no at church outside of hours- get core responsibilities of games, videos, web going and move on.
-Cultivate girl relationships and push self to look

What would i call "Succeeding in Life":
Future Wife:
-Her To Feel Secure and Know my eternal love for her
How? Remember Wedding Date, always intrigued, always awed

-To know they are loved, important, needed
How: Quality time and vocalization of these things

-First, To Be Generous
-Then To Be Wise(frugal)
-To not be controlled by money
How? 80-10-10 rule (10%tithe, 10%saving, live off 80%)

-Know that i have worked hard
-That i have accomplished what was required
-Be good and getting better at what i do.
How? Prioritizing

Christian Life:
-Humbly remind myself as much as possible of my never ending need for God
-Do Everything in my power to choose God and His Purposes
-Have time for people
-Help People by Sharing
-Enjoy People

-Focusing on Important before Immediate
-Focus on Eternal(Unseen) before temporary(seen)
-Always Learning
-Always Preparing
-Always Relational
-Always Truthful
-Knowing Needs & When to play and do what i enjoy


-Know When to be Disciplined(restrain pleasure) and Know when to Enjoy.
-Learn the idea of contentment.
-The idea of the journey.
-The value of balance.

Best Work Environment:

-When i get to focus on the task at hand
with no guilt of immediately completing other pressing responsibilities.

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Lynne Howard said...

you are such a THINKER! :)