Saturday, November 10, 2007

Confidence is good and not necessarily prideful.

Maybe it is and i don't see it and confidence is dangerous because it can so easily turn into self-glorification and pride but it is so good when done properly
Growing up i was a leader on the basketball court. As i got into high school, the coach took me out of my style of game and made me start to doubt myself. I never developed my game because i wasn't confident enough to trust myself to drive or take the shot. I am not blaming it all no the coach, but even now, i look down and like the guy on the court who is confident to take the shot when he knows his open compared to the guy that sits there wideopened in doubt until he someone guards him and he has to pass the ball off.
I was also not confident in my singing. I didn't want to be that person who sung way too loud, had to hit every harmony, and dominated everyone else during church... The person you are sitting next to thinking, "Settle down a little bit" and "This isn't a show, don't feel like you have to harmonize and sing crazy notes everywhere." It was just distracting. So i grew a passive breathy voice that would hit the notes but never was too domineering. Well, I took voice lessons one semester in college and the teachers main focus was making me sing confidently. Now i sing with boldness even though i don't have the best voice, but it sounds so much better than when i just got by.
It is amazing how your fear not to be prideful can hold you back from reaching your potential
It is also amazing how your lack of knowledge or "know how" can do the same. In basketball it was finish my shots. In singing it was not hearing that i was off key and breathy.
If we misunderstand confidence for pride or vanity, we will miss out on maximizing our potential and being someone who is a better asset to others as well as yourself.

More on this Later

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