Monday, November 19, 2007

What is a Church Service Supposed to Be?

I was just thinking about this and My definition of what i believe church should be is:

A church service should be a direct reflection of what the congregation have desired all week as Christians.

If it is not that, then it probably needs to be reevaluated.

For instance,
I wish i had someone wiser to answer my questions and teach me more about the bible
... this is called preaching

I wish i had a time to stop and remember why and the world i am living and be reminded of my purpose.
... this is a big part of communion.

I wish i had a time to just breathe and lay my schedule before the Lord
...this should happen in our worship and prayer time

I would love to express my feelings, thoughts, and emotions to God through song
... that is called praise (we are commanded over 41 times in Psalms to sing to God)

I wish i had a place where i was around other Christians, after being in a secular work place all week,
... this is called fellowship

I wish i had a place to get excited about God with others
.... this could happen in worship and conversations

My personal opinion on church is that it does a pretty good job.
Sadly, the two desires i often see lacking in a church out of its insecurity to be relevant and not boring are:

1. A Lack of directed and intentional time to unwind, prepare our hearts, and invite the Lord to the service through prayer.

2. A Lack of Energy out of a continual cycle of the congregation not being expressive. So the leaders accommodate to the non-expressive instead of either or both working together to see this happen in a way that people could more fully engage and interact with the service.

Please realize that whenever I say a negative of the church, i am equally if not more responsible as a leader in a church by my lack of initiative and vocalization, and just expressing my opinion in hopes that others relate so that we can agree and move forward together.

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Rhett said...

Always find your blog inspiring bro! Keep it up.