Sunday, November 04, 2007

This mornings prayer

God, you know my heart. You know my passions. You know my giftings. You know my desires. You see my steps. You see my attempts to follow you. You see my struggles. Please help me. You can help me find fulfillment. You know why I have my giftings. You know why I am alive today. You know how to turn my failed attempts into worship. You will give me strength. Just help me to never give up following. Help my human frailties to never get in the way of your desires. You are a good God. I rest in your heart to love all, but to lead fairly.

Please, PLEASE, help those in need. Please, PLEASE, help those who can’t find you because they are not in physical need. Please, PLEASE help me not to judge who is worthwhile and who is not in your eyes. Yet, please, PLEASE help me to live by Your character and not by worldly pressures.

Help me to find conviction that I cannot help but to act on, and a faith that will not back down even when I am tempted to doubt. An openness to what is truth, yet at a closed mind to forsaking what I already know to be true. You are God. I am not. Help me not to forget that or to ever try to switch those roles. Although I often envy all that You are, help me never to believe I could do better.

Lord, please continue to guide and to show yourself to me. I give this day to you. Help me never to take for granted the immediate time allotted in front of me. This is the only time I am guaranteed, so help me to be disciplined to look to the future, but never at the cost of living for you now. Teach me to fear You above anything that you have made. Teach me to love you more than I do today.

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Anonymous said...

Brother -

I admire your great desire to serve the Lord!

Love you - Kel