Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is this whole young adult thing?!? (There is so much more to me)

There is not even a good name for a group for 18-30 year olds who are not in college. We are not students, so we either get put in the young adults or singles category. Neither just seems to do the situation as a single 23 year old justice.
There is so much more to me.

I just went to the Christian book store today and i looked at the Young Adults section and almost every book was on dating as a single. As though, the only next step or advice we need in life at this point is how to get a marriage partner with purity.
There is so much more to me.

I look forward to ministry over the next few years focusing on colleagues and people in this awkward stage. I so look forward to having resources and books on this awkward stage of life and knowingly having a competent voice. I look forward to taking the passions and dreams of people our age and putting frugal feet into action.
There is so much more to me.

I was thinking what i wanted at this stage in life and came up with this list:
1. I long for a group of people that were there just for me. People that i could bring any question or thought to discuss and research my life questions without any fear of judgment or condemnation.
2. I long for an intimate community. A place where my need for support, close friendship, and open desire to pray and discuss my searching questions are welcome. A community where i receive self-worth that formerly came from my immediate family or spouse yet to come.
3. I long for someone to be availabe to brainstorm, dream, discuss, and formulate the next steps of life with me without feeling pressured.
4. I long for a group just to laugh, talk, play, and BE with.
This is a start,
but there is so much more to me.

I can't wait until books line the shelves of people our age. Until there are resources helping us to find God and our next steps. I look forward to possibly writing my own book on a similar topic sometime soon.


Lynne Howard said...

hey i'm already a fan, i'd read the book for sure! :)

Greta said...

Great insight and I too would probably read the book. But on the other hand it can be said that there are other groups that feel somewhat the same things that you are feeling at 20 something. The older generation whose children have left the home or who have never had children, the very older generation who might have lost a spouse or may have never married. Just my thoughts and am praying for you and your journey. Go write that book!