Monday, November 03, 2008

Confessions 2: No Empathy

I found out over the past year that empathy is not one of my top strengths. I make up for it in understanding and relating my personal experiences to others, but i don't just naturally get excited in everyone else's excitements and feel their emotions in their disappointments.

I have awesome friends. Every once in awhile i will have a friend who tells me how God has pieced all these things together for them in their life. Sometimes i feel bad that i am not more excited and less skeptical, but unless i am there experiencing it their with them, i can't help but have trouble fully grasping and analyzing there over excitement for what God has done. That is cool that that really worked out, but how much of that was really God? I can tell you are excited and i am excited for you... but i guess i just don't fully grasp the magnitude of what just happened because you are way more excited than me!

My mind goes all over the place with this one:
  • Sometimes i think back to the excitement when God answered a similar request to my prayers and respond with the same reaction.
  • Sometimes i just question how much God was a part of the whole scenario compared to how much the emotions of that person led their decision to see what they wanted
  • Sometimes i truly naturally celebrate with the person
  • Sometimes i protect myself from being to emotionally driven in decision making
  • Sometimes i just feel like a cynic and with a small small view of God.
Please Understand this isn't all the time. This is me confessing a scenario in my life back in Journal 11/3/08

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