Sunday, November 30, 2008

Got Robbed!

This my be my last blog for a little while.

So earlier this week my car was broken into and a camera stolen and last night(sat) our flat was broken into and approx. $6000 was taken including Graeme's TV, my laptop(macbook), both our ipods, and a few other things. Talk about a Rough Day. 
I had time to process through this a little this morning and remembered back 3 months into my first trip to NZ when i had experienced another huge crisis with an accident that escalated somewhat out of control. I decided to look back to see what past lessons i learned then that were meant to prepare me for now. This is what I have speculated:

1. God is in Control
With my great power and outstretched arm I made the earth and its people and the animals that are on it, and I give it to anyone I please. Jer 27:5 This is what i read first this morning when i opened my Bible.

2. I am not the Mistake
It is easy to want to blame others or to want to assume the responsibility yourself.  You think of all the options of what you could've done to prevent it, but the reality is that Graeme and I were the victims here.  I shouldn't develop of guilty complex over this.

3. God can and does work in miraculous Ways
In the midst of the chaos during the first trip, we thought Dan's expensive camera lens that fell out the moving van window was collateral damage.  After prayer, a three hour return drive, and a 30 minute search we miraculously stumbled on his relatively unscathed camera lens.  It was a small find for the amount of total damage over the month, but it was an irreplaceable bright spot and testimony to God's faithfulness overall.

4. Life is about people not Objects
I am frustrated.  I feel dooped!  It is a weird feeling, but I am not crushed.  Neither Graeme's nor my life center around objects.  We will miss our hard earned indulgences, but our purpose in God and our support through relationships allow us to be frustrated, but relatively untouched in terms of our overall outlook towards life.

5. If you haven't gotten insurance for something you were meaning to, Do It!!!
Dan and i were discussing the need for car insurance during the drive we got into our wreck.
Graeme was meaning to get content insurance for the house, but hadn't gotten around to it.
In both cases we have paid the price.

Hopefully you can learn and be encouraged by my experiences.
I appreciate your prayers and support.

Be encouraged.  I don't welcome problems... but i fully acknowledge that when you are trying to serve the Lord, "accidents & problems" often mean that you are threatening enough to Satan and his kingdom to cause concern and retaliation.


Kelly Benware said...

So sorry brother; we love you very much.

BJ said...

Kiwi's suck. I mean really they do.

Anonymous said...

Dude I feel gutted for you.

I'm sure Sarah has already offered but we have a small spare TV that works and an old Mac (but it can go on the net!) which you are welcome to borrow for as long as you need them.

B said...

thanks so much for the support guys.

About Brandon said...

Miss, Love, and Praying for you!