Friday, November 07, 2008

Single for the rest of my life?

So i took an online spiritual gifts test this week and guess what one of my top five spiritual gifts was...CELIBACY!!!!  

haha, this is definitely not my life's desire to be permanently single unless directly told by God, because i do think women are one of God's most amazing creations, ...definitely one of his most complicated, but still amazing.

And i am speaking lightly on the issue, but not trying to belittle that call, because i highly admire those who can live to such a life where the grace and comfort of their relationship with God and friendships fill the natural need for companionship.  It is just that i had never heard the idea being described as a spiritual gift, let alone described as one of my top five possible spiritual gifts, that took me by surprise!
(my possible future life watching movies at home) :)

This made me curious whether "celibacy" could ever be defined as someone who chooses to be single for a certain period of life or whether a call to celibacy always was in reference to a lifelong commitment of never marrying someone.  It is probably more permanent, but i wasn't sure.
(Could God really have made a face this attractive just to keep only for himself?)

I definitely could see how God has placed a continual peace about my place of being single in this season of life, so i wouldn't be surprised if that were partly by God's doing for the time being and i definitely have prayed multiple times throughout my life, "that if God so chooses to keep me single to serve him for the rest of my life, that i am willing," but who knows.

Either way, i think anyone who knows me would agree that it is pretty obvious that i need a woman's help!!! haha
I did look up "celibacy" in my trusty Wikipedia and i found one especially interesting fact:

"...A few Christian sects even advocated celibacy as a better way of life for everyone. These groups included the following: The Shakers, The Harmony Society, and The Ephrata Cloister. These groups no longer exist."

Huh? it is funny how that works!  :) haha  

Pastor Brett, you seem to enjoy explaining or commenting on subjects like this. Can you please explain why those groups don't exist any longer?


Anonymous said...

ingle - I can help you out with a supply of movie to watch instead of having a complicated relationship...

Anonymous said...

So, do the girls in NZ know that GP has you under contract? ;)

Not sure that you want to know all of the following, but I'll share and you can disregard as you see fit.

For the record, my time under GP contract was by far the most freeing emotionally as it pertained to relationships with the opposite sex. The case may be different for you, but God definitely knew I needed to learn how to be friends with boys.

I think that this time under contract could be a huge blessing for you. What do you think God can teach you in this time? How do you see Him working on your heart in the relationships dept? (Totally rhetorical questions!)

Kelly Benware said...

Hi my little celibate make me smile!

B said...

haha, thanks Jon for the movies, but i am not sure romance movies can ever fully replace the real thing! :)

I am glad i could make you smile sis.. that really was the point of this fun discovery.

And yes Annie, it is a known fact that i can't date for a year and honestly, i kind of wish it covered both years because then there could be even less questions!

I totally agree that it is a freeing blessing to figure out further how to be friends with girls.

My insecurity is that my honest attempts just to be a good friend with girl have been misinterpreted a few times in the past, and i have felt confused and burnt here.

I am always learning and redefining my concept of what it means to be able to treat a girl friend just like i would treat my guy friends, while at the same time trying to figure out where to draw the lines of how to guard a girl's heart and keep her from becoming more emotionally attached than is healthy.
Always learning...
always complicated...

BJ said...

The clue in why these groups no longer exist is in the celibacy issue...

B said...

i don't know exactly what you are hinting at Brett, but something is going on up inside your head! Feel free to expand instead of being coy if you so choose.