Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last week in Pictures

My friends got me into a few talks on politics so i really didn't to give an update on life this last week, so for those of you who just want fun pictures, here you go.

"You Look Smart Today"
I wore this outfit to church today and got comments like "you look smart today" at least three times. I feel bad for Nicola who was the first person to tell me this at church. I looked at her completely confused because i thought she was being sarcastic and saying that i was being coy in something i had said or done, when in fact it is just a way of saying you look dressed up or sophisticated today.
So here are two of my "smart" poses in the outfit. :)

New Zealand Elections:
Were this Saturday in New Zealand. After the big hype of the US elections, (even here in New Zealand), the NZ elections seemed relatively small and undiscussed.
There are a bunch of different parties, but the two main parties over here are Labour and National. Labor has been in office for the last nine years with Helen Clark as Prime Minister.
National won this year and John Key will now become the main face of politics over here in NZ.

I Started Teaching
An opportunity has come up to possibly give English and guitar lessons. This last Thursday i sat down and gave English lessons to our Korean Neighbors: Eurie, Julie, & Max. My flatmate Graeme is here helping them lighting their fireworks on the night before Guy Hawkes.

Guy Fawkes Day
Basically you can only shoot fireworks for about four days in celebration of this holiday on November 5. My friend Heidi wrote about it if you want to know more of its history.

Trying to Fit in with my Hair
I was getting a haircut but before i had Mrs. Snell cut it completely short i had her give me one of the haircuts i see here a lot. It would never be a longterm haircut, but i might try it out sometime. For those back in the states, i did end up cutting it completely short this time.

The Coupon Book
So i bought one of these coupon books and it has been my inspiration to try out new places and things (not that i have really ever had trouble with that)
Me and a friend tried out this place called "Revive" downtown that i found. It definitely had a lot of variety and healthy options and it was a fun place to try out. It was really my first time eating downtown.

I Found Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in New Zealand!!!
I went in to pay for my petrol/gas the other day and there they were... Reese's Peanut Butter Cups just sitting for sale on the counter! So i bought two and ate them both in a matter of minutes. Peanut Butter Cups are in New Zealand but they are nearly impossible to come by and this is the first time they have been easily accessible to me. Praise The Lord! My chocolate fixes will be completely satisfied once again!

Looking for a place to hang
I am on a search to find the best coffee shop to hangout. I found a place downtown open twenty four hours and went and did some homework there, but i am still looking for something closer to home.

I Wrote a Song:
I don't claim to be a great artist. Music is a way for me to pray and communicate with God. On Saturday, music was a way for me to express my yearning heart for evangelism. I have such a burning to see people come to in contact with Christ and the church, yet the relationship building and seed planting process here can feel like slow and like it quiets me down at times, when i just want to tell everyone. This is somewhat perception, somewhat discernment, etc.

I just left you with the end since it is the better portion of the song.

just press play on the video player.


Heidi said...

i am so saddened that you didn't keep that hair style...

B said...

you would be!

Anonymous said...

I looove Reese's Peanut butter cups. There used to be a dairy (convenience store) down the road from where we lived which sold them. We also briefly had a peanut butter Kit Kat in New Zealand which I loved, but it seems the rest of NZ is yet to catch on to the delight of peanut butter and chocolate, because it soon dissapeared!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the dairy is still there, it was us who moved! You should go there if you want to stock up, it is at the Juliet Shops (at the bottom of Paton Road in Howick).

Yum Yum!

Heidi said...

brentathan...where's that picture of us outside "revive." i need that in my life!

Lynne Howard said... DO look smart... :)

hey I couldn't get the song to play, but I'm sure it's great- I've always been a fan of your music!

Also- I don't think you're called to CELIBACY! haha! The most eligible bachelor?

Brent, I'm praying for you and your ministry!

Lynne Howard said...

also- I Tim Tammed today. And thought of you, because you can Tim Tam any time!! (this might be debateable, but I think Tim Tams are better than Reese's Cups!)

B said...

love the tim tams lynne and i am sorry you couldn't listen to the song, I don't know why? it is working on my computer but let me know if this continues. thanks for the encouragement.