Sunday, June 13, 2004

First Day Back

Colorado Canyon
amazing and yet just another typical sight driving across country

46 hours later i came in to San Diego at 2pm Sunday.
My first plan of action... get an AMAZING carne asada burrito at Los Panchos. From there i met up with Trace and unpacked for a half hour. Then we were off to the beach. I met up with some old friends and went surfing! Oh yeah, surfing! and although Lake Michigan waves are good, they do not even compare! Then we went to Flood(a sweet church service for college students). From there i went and saw Chronicles of the Riddic with some friends. Good action, kinda violent...ok really violent, the endings a little weird, but an overall decent movie. From there Trace and I went for a late night IN-N-OUT run! Two double doubles, some real fries, and a chocolate shake later i could not have asked for a better first day back!

Quick Question:

Flag half down
I just figured all the American flags were half down because of Ronald Reagan's death. Just wondering if i was right or just completely off?

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Anonymous said...

Yep - you're right about the flag. An Honor.