Monday, January 24, 2005


So i tore my ACL in my knee... that means surgery in a month or so and approximately 6 months of rehab! I am walking around great right now, but will be out soon enough. I was telling Steve A(my roommate) that God had a purpose for all of this and that God was probably trying to get me to slow down and teach me just like when i had surgery on my hand. His Response: You better hope you get it right this time or the next time you are going to be a parapallegic. :) Steve, always knows just what i need to hear! hahaha. I think the only appropriate thing to do now is to play "Survivor" by destiny's child. I'll keep on keepin on'. Lord willing of course! :)

Keep on Keepin on


Anonymous said...


Brandon just put on the song "Survivor" and told me to read your posting. I'm sorry that you're in pain! I wish I could take it away from you! I believe that you are right...
God does have a reason and plan for what happened! I love you lots! You're in our prayers!

Your sis,

Anonymous said...


you are the best! i love and miss you tons. i'm really sorry about your acl, but i am impressed with you positive out look on the situation. you always know how to do that, which has always amazed me.

i love you tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love - kel

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent,
We are so sorry about your leg, or ACL. After reading some of your blog though, we also believe you have a positive spirit and believe God will do great things through you even in this. (And hopefully you will get some attention from the ladies!) You are a wonderful man of God. Keep your chin up. We love you!
The Bruces

Becky said...


Justin did the same thing his senior year of high school on the soccer field. It was sad because it was early in the year and he was team captain:(

But, he took the time away from sports and took guitar lessons, which he really enjoyed. And his rehab went great. He was back on the soccer field in 6 months (in a brace for a while)!

We will be praying for you! Let us know when your surgery is!

The Roberts
Greensboro, NC