Monday, January 17, 2005

Update on the Bum knee

So i just saw a trainer(which means this is NOT certain without tests) but the consensus was not as good as i was hoping for... they said that i probably have a sprained MCL and possibly a torn ACL but i have to see a doctor first. Recovery Time: All i know is i was expecting 6 days and they said anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months! Go Figure!! But things are all in God's timing so it will work out! To lighten up the mood though, here is what i accomplished in class today!!!

Another Prof
No really, despite popular rumors i actually do learn stuff in class!


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear the news about the bum knee!!! Let's hope the trainer was wack and cracked out on some drugs and don't know what they're talking about! Ha ha! Anyway, I'm praying for ya bro! Oh and I'm lovin' the prof drawings! If I guess who this last one is will you tell me if I'm right or not??? Lemme know cuz I think I know who this guy might be!!! I def think you should draw pics of them all just so I can see if I can guess them. LOL! Ok bro I'm out. Take care and God bless!


Lynne Howard said...

hey B! I just wanted to say that it's really sad to see you "hobbit" around campus....haha! That's too bad about your leg and you being accident prone! Hope you get better!

Anonymous said...

Hope your knee is healed soon bro! Prayed for you today. Much love, -B