Friday, January 07, 2005

The Down-low on Christmas Fun

Christmas picture
Christmas was a blast! Here was the classic family picture where you had to find a nice place to take a picture and then find a picture where everyone looks good... Good times!
1st week: Kelly came in and we did a lot of Christmas shopping since i hadn't done any prior to this
Christmas day: Brandon and Jen came in and stayed for four days completing the family time. Here are some Christmas day pictures

Jen and B opening presents

My wrapping job on brandon's gift
TO make up for my wrapping skills or lack there of i make visually stimulating packages so that the receiver is so enthralled and dumbfounded by my randomness that they totally disregard the terrible wrapping job. This is Brandon's person wrapping job!

Marshmellow guns are fun
My mom got my day, brandon, and i these plastic guns that you can shoot marshmellows out of them... It was War!!! :)

Kelly likes my style of playing cards
We played a lot of family games(cards, Balderdash, Boggle, etc.) Good times. This picture below is Brandon getting caught in mid throw.

brandon pegging me
Brandon Jennifer and Kelly all left on Thursday
The Last week was PAINFUL!!!(keep in mind i don't like going to the dentist)
Monday: got wisdom teeth pulled
Tuesday: played basketball
Wednesday: got in grown toenail pulled
Thursday: got a tooth mold from dentist
Friday: Got stitches from wisdom teeth pulled out

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