Saturday, January 29, 2005

I'm important!!!

this makes me smile
I have always said i would be something when i make iwu propoganda! hahaha They have all these pictures of different good looking students on every wall and every magazine and i was beginning to feel left out. So when i finally was in the IWU triangle for going on the china trip: It was amazing... It was kind of like Mike Wazowski on Monsters Inc.: "I don't believe it...(in utter shock)...I was on TV!" SO in my case, (Despite the fact that i am in the back and this is silly picture of me) I was thinking "I don't believe it...... I made IWU propoganda!
Disclaimer: If anyone is offended by the word "propoganda", I'm sorry, you can replace this word with any of the following words: material, pictures, your mom! jk

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