Saturday, January 15, 2005

Messed Up!!!

This morning at my church league basketball game, I MESSED SOMEONE UP! One of their players was dribbling around a defender and going for a lay up and i saw my chance... i soared like i never soared before, timed the shot perfectly, and PINNED this guys layup against the backbaord. It was aMAZing on the way up! Then i got MESSED UP on the way down from the block. i landed on my left leg and it buckled inward. They say it's just a strain and nothing is broken, but it hurts like crazy! They say that if the swelling doesn't go down and the pain ease up, i might have to set up an appointment for an MRI to see if any ligaments are torn. But let's get serious... am i really that accident prone.... am i going to overexaggerate stuff?... YOU KNOW IT! I'll be okay with a little time and sympathy from the girls. Just kidding! Maybe God just wanted me to slow down for one reason or another. Que sera sera. And for those guys who were wondering... no we did not win the game :)

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Anonymous said...

Brent you are a freakin' stud! Hopefully the injury won't be too bad and leave ya lying on a bed for weeks! I know that'd kill you!! Anyway, hope you had an awesome day bro! Take care and God bless man! I'm praying for ya!

Your ghetto-fabulous "homie",