Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Niagra Falls Trip

This last weekend i went with a group of friends to Niagra Falls on Friday and Saturday:
I will not go into great detail so as to not make jealous those who didn't go.
Instead, here is a Picture Time Line:
6Pm-1AM We Drove from Holland to Niagra
9PMWe Stopped for food inbetween
1-3am We walked around and saw the falls at night
9Am-11Am Sat in Hotel Jacuzzi
and Got ready in separate rooms

12Pm-2Pm Ate at a Breakfast Diner & Shopped

3PMGoofed off
3:30PMAlmost died when this killer squirrel tried to attack me
4:PM We went to the Top of the Skylon

5PM We played Skiball: Winner Got Dinner Paid by the Losers. I thought i won!
But i didn't. Josh got a dinner on us (fourth from the right)
7PM-1PM Drove back from Canada to the US.
Got stopped and inspected at the border. A Guard threateneed to take my camera away.
But they didnt.

We had some amazing talks and it was a blast.
Tim in the picture above had an amazing slide down pure ice but ended it breaking his flash so gracefully into the ground
We had some great talks and dance parties there and back. (for a later blog)

Good times.

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