Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Study through Jeremiah

This a picture of the young adults group at Central that runs about 30 every Monday Night.
One Simple yet Huge revelation for me was this:
The reason God wants us to commit things to Him (Prov 16:3)
is so that we don't take credit or think we accomplished by ourselves later on.

A great way to make sure you don't become prideful is to make sure you commit to God anything you and ask for his Help
money management
helping people
whiter teeth
dating trying to find spouse

A few of us usually hangout somewhere afterwards.
Here is also another journal from my Sketchbook.
Click on Picture to EnlargeClick on Picture to Enlarge
Sometimes i look at my discontentment and restlessness in life like this. I am sitting on all of these blessings (good family, friends, opportunity, etc.) in agony and people with much harsher conditions seem to be so much content with their blessing. Do i have any validity to ever complain about where i am in life? or is it straight selfishness!?!


Natasha Gibbins said...

Yes I do have one. I was encouraged to do it after Dan said he would love to hear my daily journeys.
I love your blog. It makes me think, it makes me laugh, it makes me sad. Thanx for being you and being real. You go Brent. God has just Got the best for you in store and all this hard work... yes, HARD work, will be payed off. You will be blessed to no end. It excites me to read and hear word and thought and the heart of a true man of God. It's a blessing to have met you. Hope to see you again soon. Sorry, tired and cant think of intelligent things to say in response to your blogs. So I will leave it at a bit of encouragement. Hope it encourages you other wise I have failed to do even that. HAha. Seeya my dear.
Oh and sorry i didn't tell you about the blogspot, I just know your busy and you don't really get a chance to read them... but please do if you can. Hope youre not offended. I'm sure youre not.
But anywho.
Love going your way. Seeya

Lynne Howard said...

hey BROCK!!! i wanna go!
looks like a real neat time

B- i love your drawings, you're an inspirational guy!