Saturday, December 15, 2007

What Would i Die for?

What am i sold on?
That there is a God
That there is Truth
That Christianity as i know it(Protestant) is the closes thing to Truth that i know
That Christ and his sacrifice is real in my life.
That Human's need help above themselves
That God and Truth have an answer that we need to search for
That the only way to search, accomplish, and be fulfilled completely is through relationships and community
That the church is needed for self-preservation(health), growth, evangelism, and the great commission
That i wouldn't be who i am today without my family's example and investment
That i wouldn't be confident in God today without conversations and seeing answered prayers that i have experienced.
That experiencing life together with others is one of the greatest gifts i know!

Jesus Died for...
Jesus died for those close to him as family and relatives
Jesus died for those who hated him and would hurt those he loved
Jesus died for those who will never give back
Jesus died for those who will lead millions against him
Jesus died for those who have "no potential."
Jesus died for the handicapped.
Jesus died for the aborted infant.

Did Jesus die for Satan and/or demons?
My first impulse is that the answer is no... but i would have to study or discuss it more.

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