Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What does growing up mean?

Different Theories I See:
A lot of them are somewhat negative towards adulthood, probably cause i am not there yet and really don't want to grow up.

From Doing to Watching
This is the kid saying to himself, "My parents are boring" as he watches his parents get together with friends for dinner and just sit around and talk or play cards.

From Being Managed to Managing
This is the kid that goes from his parents having to worry about all of his times and meetings to having to worry about his kids times and meetings

From Play To Work
This is the kid who goes from his responsibility of having fun and making friends to working hard and making money

From Child's Play to the Big Show
This is the idea that you get to be whatever you want until it is time for the rubber to meet the road and you to reap the consequences of your successes and failures

From Being influenced to Being the Influencer
This is the kid that goes from being the learner to the teacher of the learners

From Doing What You Want to Doing What You have to
The idea of doing a job because you want to and enjoy to just having to do what it takes to make ends meet
ie. An adventure counselor having to plan instead of lead the adventures as he moves up in responsibility.

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