Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Too many Thoughts

Blogging is hard. It is simply impossible for me to reduce my life and thoughts into a few paragraphs a day!

But a few things must be known of my journaling:
  1. I desire to be transparent, honest, and real about my emotions, if anything to a fault
    1. The Reason: We can only address ourselves when we start with candid truth
  2. Since I thrive off of people contact, I often live the positives and reflect on the negatives afterwards, so my thoughts may seem critical, although hopefully not overly so.
  3. I post my journals so that others can learn, relate, and understand God, this young adults ' stage, and where i am going in life.
I bought a sketchbook a month ago and I have tried a new way of journaling. I hope you Enjoy.
Click on the Picture to Enlarge
Hopefully the pictures speak for themselves, (But if not i will give short descriptions)
Above i have the world offering me money, woman, friends, sleep, working on my computer in the thought bubble. But i am hiding from my issues behind the business of life.

I went to Niagra Falls this weekend i will blog on that tomorrow.

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