Friday, December 14, 2007

What do These All Have in Common?

Sitting in the Jacuzzi
Team Sports
Playing an Instrument
Bathroom Breaks :)

These are places i get to just Be.

I Long for these times.

Times where you are forced to focus just on the present.

Times where you are to enjoy the people around you or lack there of.

Times where everything else fades out in that moment except the moment at hand.

Times where time and money are not the issue.

I think this is why there are those of us who wish we could go back to our childhood.

Others find this place through responsibility, control, and their freedom to choose (this is not me)

But sometimes we just have to look ahead.
Here is what i saw as i took a look into the future
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If i were to focus on Skill i feel like $/security and success are the outcome
If i were to focus on my passions i feel like fulfillment is the outcome but i don't know about security or success.
And who knows where a girl will lead you to! :)

I'm sure there are a lot of verses that i need and would be very insightful to challenging my current outlook.
Lord, direct my reading time

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About Brandon said...

What about becoming skilled at what you are passionate about? Combining the two instead of dividing them... just a thought. Maybe that would lead to fulfillment and 'sucess', not just one or the other.