Sunday, January 20, 2008

Do you watch yourself enough? List!!!

Do you know random things about the way you function?
My answer follows the question

1. Toilet paper roll over or under? Definitely Over
2. Do you lean to the left or right when you drink out of sink? Left
3. Leave/Enter the Shower in front(showerhead side) of curtain or back? Front
4. Drive with left or right hand on the wheel? Left (so right can change radio)
5. When walking on stairs do you step first with your left or right foot? Left
6. Which eye has better vision? Right
7. Which ear hears better? Left
8. Which hand do you wipe sweat off with? Left hand
9. Which Side do you Sleep more comfortably on? Facing Left
10. Which Sock do you put on first? Right


Lynne Howard said...

why would you drink out of the sink! don't have a cup...?! :)

B said...

Bad habit maybe?!? are you telling me you have never dipped your head under a faucet to get water when brushing your teeth or anything!?!