Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Intense Nightmare with Spiritual Warfare

We talked about spiritual warfare yesterday in my missionary training and i had a nightmare last night. i dream occasionally but usually it is because i have eaten just before i went to bed. I usually don't remember my dreams that well but not so last night. I had no food, but I had this intense dream that i remember pretty distinctly although details are somewhat vague.

The dream started off with me lying on my back in bed. I was trying to go to sleep but i couldn't. My mind was still racing because i had been working right up until i turned out the lights. After awhile i noticed some faint music that had been playing for awhile but i had not taken the time to focus in on it yet. I wanted to get up and check on it, but i knew everyone else was asleep in the house and i was too lazy to get up knowing that i can fall usually fall asleep through anything if i'm tired enough. So i tried to fall back asleep but when i realized that the music wasn't normal i looked around and saw an evil face talking to me, it reminded me of a stuffed dinosaur in a dark corner but more scary than that sounds, but what i realized was that my cheeks and body started to tense up. I tried to cry for help but my mouth was to tense to move or close my mouth, so i mumbled a muffled, "help."
Pretty soon i broke out running into a large room(a conference feel almost) crying for help until people came out of a room and i signaled for them to pray for me. The first group of 4 or 5 friends came over and prayed over me and i started to break from the hold was regaining my ability to talk and loosen up, then it got worse again. The next thing i knew i was back in the bed again. I thought it was over then it got worse. Not only did my jaw lock and i could barely talk, but then my arms and legs started to tense up. I was crying for help, proclaiming the power of Jesus name, but it just got worse.
I feel like i remember getting up again and asking others to pray for me, but all i remember those two guys doing was commenting on something being wrong and reaffirming how bad of a state i was in. Then i was back in my bed on my back again. My lock jaw was aching because of its tense stretching state. i don't think i could open my mouth or jaw any further or close my mouth if i wanted to. My body kept tensing up, i couldn't really cry for help, and my body started to contort in different ways where my arms were crossing each other and i had no control of my body in this state. I felt like if nothing interceded whatever was making my body tense up was going to entangle my arms and l legs and shrivel my body up into a ball and be stuck there in a rock hard position that i couldn't move from. I found myself frantically crying for help. Help! Help! HELP!!!! and i woke up to realize it was all a dream still in a pretty intense state. In my mind i was crying for "help", but i don't know if i actually was crying for help in my sleep. However, It was one of those times i was very thankful to be out of the dream and really don't ever want to go back.

I don't know if this was just my subconscious processing yesterday or whether there was a very real spiritual battle taking place in my sleep right now, but i appreciate your prayers right now and especially anyone that might've randomly been praying for me between 3-8am last night!

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