Sunday, January 20, 2008

Life in P-Town (Plymouth, IN)

It is COLD here!!!I have been writing down a lot of goals lately so this whole next week will be dedicated to different Goals i have made. I hope you enjoy.
(Disclaimer: My goals are not for self-pride or accomplishment, but to focus on the things i find important and worth prioritizing; ie. Spiritual Goals, Life Goals, Fun Goals, Goals before i leave for New Zealand, Goals in New Zealand, etc.)
I started classes up online for my Master's of Divinity through Liberty University
I am also looking to work part-time at the new Gym in town called the Life Plex. This would be a great outlet with people and working out!
This poster is the most mezmorizing picture ever to me as a surfer.
I seriously stare at it daily wishing i was standing in this wave!!!
Good times, Good times
My first fun list is below!

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Lynne Howard said...

why aren't you in MI anymore?!

that's fun that you work in a gym!