Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fun Goals

The Purpose of these posts... to dream & find people who have at least one common goal and help each other accomplish those goals=]

1. Learn how to whistle loud with Fingers
2. Learn a full Michael Jackson Dance
3. Learn how to solve a Rubik's cube
4. Learn to Swing Dance
5. Learn more about constellations & the stars
6. Go to Duke vs. NC basketball game with Mike Muniz
7. Learn Tears of Heaven by Eric Clapton on the guitar
8. Learn more rifts on the Bass
9. Be on game show (American Gladiator/Deal or no Deal/Price is Right, etc.)
10. Learn to Break Dance
11. Complete a handstand for longer than a minute
12. Get Michael Jordan's Autograph
13. Be serenaded to Sleep

(Disclaimer: My goals are not for self-pride or accomplishment, but to focus on the things i find important, enjoyable, and worth prioritizing so that I may see, know, & enjoy God to the Fullest.)

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