Wednesday, July 02, 2008

North Carolina Jamie & Her friends

During the last days of family vacation, me and the family were able to spend time with an old family friend, Jamie Thompson.
I was able to stay behind in North Carolina and meet a few of Jamie's friends in Raleigh.
We were able to stay at Dean, Erin, and (14 months)Wynn's
house for the few days we were in Raleigh.
One day we visited the famous Duke gardens and
The last night Jamie had a group dinner with a lot of her old friends from the area. Here are the food preparers!
Ironically, one of Jamie's friends from Providence church, Becky Keller (on the left), is the daughter of Mike & Debbie Fletcher... whose beach house we stayed at in Holden Beach only a week earlier. Her husband Mike is in the brown. We had a great laugh about having mutual friends in North Carolina, considering we both grew up mainly in San Diego, CA.

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