Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Sometimes life catches up to you.

it was homework this time. I am currently working on my Master's of Divinity through Liberty University online. It it convenient, well priced, and will allow me to continue schooling my first year in New Zealand

I really do enjoy the classes, the discussion, and although i would prefer personal contact in the class setting, this is helping me to enjoy reading and become more of a researcher for the personal studies and research i will do in my alone time and for sermons.

Family vacation was great and worked a head on my homework so i could have some much needed down time.

When i got back, i had work to catch up on and finish though.

This weekend was probably the most of a crash course i have had in my schooling.
my Homework left required me to write 27 pages in 32 hours.

I got it done. and i got an A on the 18 pager!


Lynne Howard said...

doing homework?! writing papers?! ...oh the good times...I don't even remember what that's like...I'm done with all that stuff- forever!

sara jean said...

Let's just say Handy Andy hahaha:)