Thursday, July 10, 2008

Is Coldplay the Next Generation's U2?

All i know is that coldplay's new album Viva la Vida is a top seller, so a lot of people like them.
Beyond that, this band's listeners seem to have a special loyalty and love for their music as a whole. I have a lot of friends who are definite cold play fans. I am not a big concert man so i don't know much about a coldplay concert in comparison to a U2 concert(which i hear is incredible).

This is a sample of coldplay's new song
And i know that a lot of U2 fans would get mad at me for putting Coldplay and U2 on the same level, but i would expect nothing less from their loyalties!

The music, the following, the loyalty, and many other similarities make is seem like it is inevitable.

Please correct me or give me your opinion if i am wrong.


Dan Eggenschwiler said...

I would say it's hard to be the next generation's U2 when U2 is still alive and kicking... But other than that, I'm big fans of both and you may be right. The determining factor will be if people are still listening to Coldplay's early work like it's current even though it's been out for 15-20 years.

Anonymous said...

I have often thought of this too. I agree with you.

The only bands I can think of who can challenge them in terms of worldwide "hugeness" would be Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and neither of those bands brings that emotional side like Coldplay and U2 do.

Also, the new Coldplay album shows them evolving their sound in new and interesting ways, just like U2 have done.