Friday, November 14, 2008

Surfing and the best Compliment i have ever received!!!

So I went Surfing today and caught one amazing wave. I was riding a long board so the wave looked and felt a lot like this video without someone else on the wave! Sorry it says "evaluation copy" but i had to use a converter to clip the video.

Some of you don't read the comments below my posts, but yesterday i think i received one of the best compliments i have ever received in response to my video. It was from Rhett Snell:
"Dude, is it freaky that I live 5 minutes from you and see you a bunch of times each week and I still miss your face?
I want a Brent bobble-head.
I want a t-shirt with a screen print of your face.
I want a life-sized Brent cut out that I put put in the lounge and talk to while I eat breakfast... get my day off to a good start, you know?
You know... just normal, friend stuff."

Just tell me that doesn't make your day!


Heidi said...

friends are friends forever. mws.

junicofur said...

If a bobble head of Brent Dongell is up for grabs I want one too! (but only if it has your cheesy grin on it!)

I was wondering, as I walked through the ice chilling wind, does it ever snow in New Zealand!?