Friday, April 15, 2011

Reminds me of...

The First Time i was in New Zealand, certain things would remind me of people that i was missing or away from. (4/15/07) The reason i never posted this was because i never had the time to compile all the pics :)

Here was my list of things that reminded me of a people.

Dad- every time i see Palm Trees

Kelly- Baby Pig

Logan M- "Prooove it!"

Nanna & Pappaw- everytime i see cows

Jen- Gifts to or from other people

Brandon- singing Will Smith "I can't stop this!"

Trace- Everytime i go surfing!

Levi Huffman- Exploring the Forest

Dave Hopewell- climbing buildings

Ryan Bales- Leading Worship

Chris Collins- Mac email

Corey Admitis- Dancing

Abby Dillinger- chacos

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