Saturday, April 30, 2011

Why do revivals come and go?

This question was posed to me today and i thought it was a good question, because i didn't have an easy answer.

Why do revivals come and go?


Rhett said...

The best sermon I've heard this year was from one of my mentors, Greg. He talked about this topic a bit (you can hear it here:

What he suggested was that almost always in the bible, an outpouring of the Spirit and the revival that follows is followed by increased care for the poor and the downtrodden. This is especially true in Acts. It's also what Jesus says of himself ("The Spirit is on me to proclaim good news to the poor").

Greg talked about New Zealand's own pentecostal revival in the 70's, and how it eventually faded out. He suggested it was because when revival came, most churches loved the experiential side of it, but it didn't turn into something outward-focussed which was good news for the poor. Instead it turned into something which was more inward-focussed. People just wanted more of the experience without maybe doing anything with it.

He also talked about how revival is happening now in the poor parts of the world - Africa and Asia, where the poor live. I wonder if there is a connection?

B said...

Rhett thanks for your feedback here. Definitely some good content and i look forward to the link.

You have to also wonder if about it just being life cycles in the way that the Spirit comes and goes as it pleases in John 3...

But i'm no expert here, just thinking aloud.