Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pastor vs Preacher

I think sometimes that Pastor’s are setup to be pitiful preachers unless they are really make preaching a top priority in their time and schedules. Their are so many things to do that good sermon and preaching prep can easily take a backseat.

There is almost never enough time to continually develop and intentionally work on sharpening your teaching gift while having to develop one if not multiple fresh new messages each week.

At the same time as soon as you seem to focus in on more of the speaking and prep side and less on everyday "pastoral" logistics, a pastor can run the risk of removing the everyday tasks from his life and becoming less relatable and out of touch with everyone else’s day to day problems/struggles.

Just thoughts.


Coloradonegrito said...

We pay the pastor so we expect her to do everything for us so we can be consumers of religion. There is something seriously wrong with this and it isn't that I wrote 'her'.

About Brandon said...

This is a great point. Thanks for posting this. It takes a lot of discipline to carve out the needed time and wisdom to know the balance.