Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Life Simple For Some People?

I just got off the phone with a friend in college whose life seems rather straightforward and simple and thought to myself, "Is life simple for some people?"
Ministry and loving people can seem so complex and complicated to me a lot of the times and i wonder if everyone else goes through the same things.

Or does my analytical mind or the complications of trying to love people the most Christlike way possible compound the complex issues of life sometimes?

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junicofur said...

I would just like to say you aren't the only one ... and now that I have experienced both a straight-forward job (where you know what is expected of you and you go in and get it done) and a minor role in overseas missions, I would say yes to your inquiries. The more people, the more difficult the people, the more different the people, the fact I am NOT Christ and my over-analytical mind makes "that" kind of life a bit more complicated - or at least not easy. Jesus even warned us it wouldn't be.
But then I can't help to wonder - knowing what little of you that I do, Brent - if you would quickly get bored or dis-satisfied with a "simple" life!