Saturday, April 09, 2011

Adventure 2: DeWitt Campus Launch

On March 6, 2011
Faith Church Launched our second campus up in DeWitt.
I have an amazing team alongside of me making it all happen as the campus pastor!
The First Sunday we had a lot of new visitors from the central campus as well as the community. The service was lively and energetic with over 160 in attendance.

It is fun to see a growing younger crowd and new faces involved.
People are already starting to feel more comfortable as they find their place meeting each other after the service. God has big plans for this campus that He has been revealing and is excited to continue to unveil to us along the way.Jumptown is our children's program that has always been an exciting highlight for the children who come. Ashley and Matt Burger are doing a great job of heading that up, creating a fun environment and getting quality help!
The Moffits are the solid core family who have been the founders and generational family over the years. They have been so supportive and exciting of this whole new adventure and i can't wait to see how we will all work together to make a huge difference for the kingdom.Tomorrow will be Week 6! It is crazy how quickly time passes! So much of the stress and work leading up to the launch seems like it was forever ago, but none of it was wasted.

God, please continue to work through the obedient and open hearts that simply desire for you to do an amazing thing of your will through us as your body. In the name of the Jesus who had the amazing ability to find and save the lost, Amen.

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