Friday, April 29, 2011

Reflecting on Heaven

My picture of heaven:

One of pure intense serving and adventurous love

Pure: diamond, water, we love pure (see beauty without flaws)

Redemption: Like a Second Hand Furniture Store that Finds Beauty in Old

Intense: Love (the strong draw and feelings)

Serving: Jesus washing our feet

Risk- the unknown excitement of a wedding proposal

Work: great responsibilities

Will we be in want or need in heaven? ie. Adam still needed food.

Choice in heaven- can choose how much food we eat without eating same amount or going in excess or deficiency

Love acts: cooking dinner for Jesus with all we got, making the perfect gift for someone,

Time and money won’t be there: the stresses of life are gone as to how quick something needs to be done.

All flaws gone; could adam trip, fall, naturally die? What would be his reaction if he did trip over a rock or cut himself on a thorn? Can we trip in heaven? :)


Rhett said...

Surprised By Hope by Tom Wright is the only book you ever need to read on heaven. :-)

B said...

Rhett your suggestion doesn't surprise me one bit :)