Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You create an atmosophere around you

You create an atmosphere around you!

I recently noticed that when i enter another person's world or they enter mine, they often affect the atmosphere. The initials of friends below all bring a different feel usually with them:

L- tornado/crazy/busy

V- Tornado

M- lackadaisical

M- peaceful/quiet

M place of love/acceptance

D- tension at times

and it made me ask the question. What kind of atmosphere or energy do i naturally bring to a room and is it what i want to add to other people's lives? Is it Crazy Energy? Contemplative love?!? Genuine Care? I just hope that whatever it is, it glorifies God.


About Brandon said...

I'm not sure which word to use, but you definitely bring it bro!

I always enjoy being around you!


junicofur said...

Whatever it is it MUST be positive and God-glorifying cause I have never seen or heard of a situation where people aren't drawn to be around you!