Friday, December 07, 2007

Fortune Cookies

Why is it that we give the fortune cookies so much power. It's like we get really disappointed if it is a stupid one, but somehow deep inside if it makes any sense we want to believe it. How is it that something so impersonal can be trusted so much? :)

Awhile ago My fortune cookie said, "You will find success in your current work today." and somewhere inside, my heart went, "Yea!!!" I was amused as i watched all of the pastors at a district lunch open up their fortune cookies in amusement and intrigue. I am not bagging on pastors, and this may even be just me, but we want a word of hope and encouragement.

As humans, we want so badly to hear some words for each day that give us insight into the future and how the day will turn out. I am so quick to trust a printed sheet of paper that randomly some machine printed on rather than trust the God who has made daily promises based on his love and knowledge of who i am, who i am becoming, and where i will end up. Kind of comical and twisted.

God, teach me to trust your love and relationship more than the random words of others.

The Promises i Will focus on in the next blog
You are FREE!
You don't have to prove your worth it
You don't have to prove your better


nimblefoot said...

Love your blog hmmmm the fortune cookie.. how true. we put so much faith in material things and not enough in The One who created us

sara jean said...

Jeremiah 29:11 is way more promising than a fortune cookie don't you think:)