Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Most True Drawing.

I went and saw August Rush tonight. If you enjoy the "feel" of music and the connection one experiences when music just flows from one's being... it is a must see! It could be slow otherwise, but i LOVED it!

Also, for my readers outside of SpringLake Wesleyan, every week i am upfront doing a crazy competition or game for youth group on Wednesday nights.

When I Drew the Picture Below my Being Resonated so clearly!
Click to Enlarge Picture
Click to Enlarge Picture

I recently had a man pray words of promise and proclamation of "great things" over my life. It was encouraging and i so appreciated hearing it. The last thing i would ever want to sound like is a snob, but i felt as if....

as if I have been told and believe that God has work in store for me so many times, but i have almost become desensitized to the promise and encouragement, because i am just getting restless of waiting to seeing this come to fruition.
RESTLESSNESS- when i am not where i'm supposed to be.

Please take these as Emotions. I am expressing my feelings rather than preaching and proclaiming my established beliefs.

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Courtney Day said...

Emotions are good :)